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ClassDojo App for Teachers

ClassDojo is a community-focused educational, social network for students, teachers, and parents. It provides tools for messaging between teachers and parents, for evaluating children’s efforts, sharing homework, and more. It’s a safe and encouraging education service for everyone. You can download ClassDojo for iOS on App Store and Android on Play Market. 

Functionality – 5/5

ClassDojo app provides convenient tools for teachers, including several types of customizable timers for different tasks, group-making tool, planner, and even a noise meter to have more control in class. Students can receive their homework via the app and submit their outcomes to form a digital portfolio where nothing can get lost by accident. 

Design – 5/5

ClassDojo latest version interface combines the best features from messengers like WhatsApp and content-focused social networks like Instagram. It’s also a convenient class remote and planner. Although there are so many options, you can access everything in several taps. Your favorite tools will be automatically added to the toolkit. 

Usability – 5/5

Millions of students and teachers have already joined the ClassDojo for teachers system in 180 countries. Children these days are accustomed to consuming information from handheld devices, so it’s essential to involve at least a few digital exercises to keep them engaged. Class Dojo allows you to unite the class with social-networking features and turn it into an online community where everyone has the same opportunities to be unique. Digital portfolio is a way for children to make tasks as if they were taking part in a web challenge. It’s incredibly entertaining and convenient to do anywhere. They can draw, insert text and images, take photos and videos, and make voice records to comment something on slides. It’s surprising, but kids become much more creative when they do something this way then when you give them paper, pencils, and glue. 

Cross-platform use – 5/5

To install ClassDojo on mobile platforms, you need them to be powered by Android 5.0, iOS 10, Fire OS, or any later versions. It’s also available for Mac OS and Windows. The computer version is compatible with smart boards so that you could create interactive tasks and share something with the entire group. Accessibility of all versions that we tested for this ClassDojo review is very high due to intuitive UI. 

In-app purchases

ClassDojo free version provides some basic features, but you’d probably need the extended pass. You can purchase it in the app for 6 months or a year, which would be cheaper. Don’t worry about advertisements because you won’t see any. 


ClassDojo online is a convenient in-class and after-school service for educational communication of students with teachers. It’s also a useful service for parents to keep in touch with everything that happens in classes, including homework progress and grades. The Teacher ClassDojo app is a fun and effective everyday tool for every modern teacher.


  • Digital portfolio with a creative studio;
  • Wide range of tools for teachers;
  • Available for all major platforms and smartboards;
  • Instant messaging for parents and teachers.


  • iOS 9.0 support expired;
  • RAM-demanding app.

The bottom line

Download ClassDojo and turn your class into a modern digital environment for effective education.